Activate Gym

“The staff in Activate Gym are very good and they helped me put on weight after I lost it at the hospital”


Activate is the only gym in the area specifically designed for wheelchair users. Our therapy gym has a wide range of adapted exercise equipment, including a multi gym, Thera trainer cycles, rowing machine, treadmill, parallel bars and easy stand gliders, as well as a wide range of small gym equipment available to meet specific needs.

We provide a programme of exercise tailored to each client’s individual needs, as agreed following an assessment during the induction. Specially trained staff are always on site and able to assist when needed, alternatively if you prefer you are welcome to bring a personal assistant or family member to facilitate your workout.

For more information, to book a viewing or an induction, please contact us.

Sessions of up to one hour are also available for people with disabilities living in the local area and can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

Sessions fees vary from £15 – £35 per session, according to your individual requirements and the level of instructor input.  These fees may change however if the clients support requirements change.

Please note that it is mandatory for all new gym members to complete an induction which costs £35 and must be pre-booked before you can use the gym equipment.

We also offer a variety of membership packages for those who wish to use the gym more regularly.

“Hi I’m David, Activate’s gym instructor.  At Activate, we will design a tailor made package to suit your requirements, whether you are exercising for the first time or want to continue to keep fit and healthy. Call me to make an appointment for an induction session.”

After your workout you can enjoy refreshments in our very own Casbar, sit out on the terrace, relax, and enjoy our beautiful views out to sea.