Nursing Care

“Care at Chaseley is good as it is 24/7. We are all involved in our personal care plans from physio to how we like our personal care”


Chaseley’s quality care and rehabilitation aims to promote continuing independence through holistic, person-centred, kind care that encourages everyone to have a fulfilling and enhanced quality of life.

Our specialist team can support adults with complex nursing care needs for a wide range of neurological and physical disabilities such as, spinal injury, Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke, loss of limbs, dysphasia and progressive conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone, Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy, learning disabilities and personality disorders.

We are committed to supporting the development, independence and well-being of everyone using our services. Whether your goal is to increase your independence or further your abilities, we will build an individual plan of care that is right for you.

We also have care pathways for those undergoing a specialist programme of rehabilitation with our multidisciplinary team. Our rehabilitation pathways for those who have experienced a stroke or an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can vary from a 6 week stay through to 3 years, dependent on where the person is on their care pathway when they join us here at Chaseley.

Acquired Brain Injuries are very complex and can affect both the mental and physical abilities of the individual. Our own Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists work with ABI nurses to plan and deliver therapeutic programmes for all residents that include, psychological assessments, speech and language therapies, as well as postural management assessments.

We are also able to provide safe and competent care for the following, where needed:

• Tracheostomies
• Catheters
• Pegs
• Manual evacuation (including for those with spinal injuries)

To ensure all your needs and wishes are met, we complete a pre-admission questionnaire and assessment to understand your care need requirements and preferences. Our care fees will depend on the level of care needed and the degree or care required; all our residents have a variety of funded care models.

Our residential nursing care fees start from £1,450 per person (These prices are only a guideline, please contact Chaseley for an exact price dependent on your requirements).

Please note that hairdressing, chiropody and wheelchair transport for social events incur an additional cost.

For more information, to book a viewing or a care needs assessment please contact us.

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