Tracey’s Story

Chaseley resident, Tracey Okines has recently published her first book I’m glad you didn’t die Mummy.  12 years ago Tracey, a young working mum awoke one day to find she had Locked-In Syndrome and this book shares her story and how it changed her life dramatically.  Tracey tells of her experiences in hospitals and care homes, having to make profound adjustments to being unable to move or to speak and also having to find new ways of relating to her young daughter, her parents and her friends.

Tracey’s story is one of courage and persistence.  It is moving and inspirational and provides the reader with an insight into living with Locked-In Syndrome, as well as working with, and caring for, people with severe disabilities.

Tracey says “I have wanted to be an author since I was little. When I was diagnosed with Locked-in Syndrome I had never heard of the condition before. I really didn’t know what to expect. I went about researching. I found lots of information which was negative and was not applicable to me. I wrote the book so hopefully nobody feels as lost as I did. Some of the proceeds from this book will go to local food banks.”

The book is available to purchase in paperback and Kindle edition via Amazon and Tracey is already working on her next book, which will continue her story:

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