Chaseley will be celebrating its 75th anniversary throughout 2021

On Tuesday 24th September 1946 Chaseley’s Charity Deed was sealed, following the generous donation of the Chaseley house and £50,000 from Lady Michaelis a year prior, enabling Chaseley to become a hospital for paralysed servicemen.  Chaseley was officially opened one month later, on Monday 28th October.

Over the past 75 years our services have developed greatly, leading us to become a unique, charity owned nursing home that provides specialised nursing care and rehabilitation for adults with severe physical disabilities, regardless of military background.  Our residents have high, complex care needs that consist of a wide range of neurological disabilities, including spinal injury, Acquired and Traumatic brain injury, stroke and degenerative neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone and Parkinson’s disease.

Throughout 2021 we are looking to celebrate this milestone through a variety of events and storytelling across our Social Media pages and website, whilst also looking at raising funds for our 75th Anniversary fundraising appeal.

If you have any ideas of ways we could celebrate, or you have stories of Chaseley that you could share then please get in touch, alternatively if you would like to support us by hosting a fundraising event, donating items or making us your Charity of the Year please contact our Fundraising Manager on 01323 744200 or

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