Chaseley donates to Eastbourne Foodbank

On 1st November we delivered the food donations we had collected as part of our harvest festival to Eastbourne Foodbank.

We had the pleasure of meeting Mark, Pauline, Juliet and the team who shared with us more about the amazing work they do here in Eastbourne.  We were all surprised to hear that just this morning they had given out a staggering 1,505kg of food.

We also learnt that they offer ‘more than food’, they also offer:

💚 Toiletries

💚 Cleaning products, including washing powder/tablets

💚 Baby items, including moses basket gift bundles

💚 Baby clothing

💚 Pet Food

💚 Christmas presents for clients and their children

We can honestly say we were blown away by what they do and just how many people they support within our local community. With this in mind we have decided to keep our Foodbank donation box in Reception, so that we can continue to support them, so feel free to drop any donations in to us.

Please give their social media pages a like, check out their website for up to date information on what items are currently needed and join us in supporting this charity and our local community.

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