Finance Assistant

Job Summary

We are looking for a Finance Assistant to support our day-to-day transactions, including credit control and payroll. Responsibilities include:

  • Processing payments / receipts
  • Maintaining Resident Accounts
  • Managing invoices
  • Assisting with RotaCloud and payroll administration

Main Duties


1.1 Update financial spreadsheets with daily transactions
1.2 Track and reconcile bank and credit card statements
1.3 Maintain Resident cash accounts and provide monthly statements
1.4 Record accounts payable and accounts receivable
1.5 Process invoices and follow up with clients, suppliers and partners as needed
1.6 Provide administrative support during budget preparation
1.7 Keep detailed and accurate financial records for all Residents
1.8 Maintain Customer, Supplier and Staff records on both Sage Accounts and Payroll
1.9 Assist with Petty Cash and Resident Cash accounts when required
1.10 Participate in annual audits


2.1 Ensure all payroll information is up to date concerning salaries and enhancements
2.2 Process new starters on Sage Payroll
2.3 Assist with monthly reporting
2.4 Other duties as and when required


3.1 To assist with completing Reception duties where appropriate
3.2 Maintain all confidential information appropriately
3.3 Promote the business of the Chaseley Trust in a professional manner ensuring an open and welcoming approach is adopted and that good customer care is exercised at all times
3.4 Complete all mandatory training
3.5 Participate in Performance & Development Reviews and Supervision meetings
3.6 Any other duties as required by management
3.7 To be double vaccinated against Covid-19

Final Statement

Please note, irrespective of the post held, and at all times you are responsible for the health and safety of yourself, colleagues, Residents and visitors.

This job description will be agreed between the jobholder and the officer to whom he/she is accountable.

It is a reflection of the present position and will be subject to review and alteration in the event of any future development within the Chaseley Trust. It will be used as the basis for the determination of objectives.

Job Title: 

Finance Assistant

Responsible To: 

Finance Co-Ordinator


37.5hrs p/w

Closing Date: 
30th November

* subject to qualifications and experience.