Teresa Boyle - Well-Being Co-ordinator

Teresa Boyle

My name is Teresa and I am the Well-Being Co-ordinator here at Chaseley.

I have the privilege of getting to know each of our residents individually and with my brilliant team we endeavour to provide a wide range of activities internally and externally to support them to maintain, and further improve their mental health and well-being.

I can organise anything from a game of bingo to the annual summer fair.  I work closely with my colleagues across the many different teams at Chaseley and enjoy this part of the job greatly.

There is never a dull day, planned activities don’t always go the way you want so I have to be proactive, reactive and think on my feet.  My mantra is to ‘go with the flow’.

Another part of my role is to manage our coffee shop bistro, ‘The CasBar’.  It is a great place for our residents, families and visitors to socialise and make new friends.  I love catching up with families, spending time sharing stories and making new acquaintances.  We also provide  lunch ‘meal deals’ for staff so it’s a good place to have a quick chat with many of my colleagues.

Being the Well-being Co-ordinator at Chaseley is personally very rewarding but more importantly I hope rewarding for all of our residents.

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