Supporter Story - Philip Pirie

Philip Pirie

My first experience with Chaseley was three years ago when I was looking for a care home for my daughter Pip, who has MS.  We were immediately struck by the friendly, efficient and professional way Chaseley is run, which made the choice, together with Pip and her partner Gill, very easy.  Pip entered Chaseley in February 2018 and after some inevitable readjustment settled in fine and has been very well cared for since.

Pip had an exciting career in the classical music business and has many friends from that world.  One friend, Emily, put on a concert for her at Chaseley in September 2018 and this gave me the idea of arranging a fundraising concert for Chaseley.  With the help of lots of people from Chaseley and of my old school, Eastbourne College, we put on a concert at the college’s Birley Centre in April 2019.  The Chaseley choir was magnificent, as were the tenor Anthony Flaum and the college’s musical scholars.  Altogether a magical evening, which we may be able to repeat in future.

As a member of the Girdlers’ Company, one of the city of London’s livery companies, I have been able to apply for charitable funding for some of Chaseley’s improvement projects, including the shower room refurbishments.  The Company’s main role these days is to fund charities to which its members have personal connections, and I have been proud to have been able to help support Chaseley and Pip in this way.