Supporter Story - Pauline Barnes

Pauline Barnes

My husband Frank had MND and he had been in three different hospitals over a three-month period, so we needed to find him somewhere safe and more permanent. Social services wanted to send him home with a homecare package, which was not going to be any good for a man who could not walk. Frank also did not want to go home.

It was by accident that I read about Chaseley in a freebie magazine over Christmas 2018 and from the very first meeting with Sares, who was so very kind at discussing and showing me around Chaseley I knew this was where Frank could live. Sares and Daniela went to Bromley hospital very quickly and agreed Frank could move to Chaseley, which was such a relief to Frank and those of us who were looking after him. The transfer from hospital to Chaseley was arranged for us, all the care and attention taken was truly amazing.

Frank was delighted with his room and more importantly for the short time he was with us all he was very happy with the care given at all times. Everyone was so very kind to Frank and Chaseley offers many wonderful activities for all its residents. Whilst Frank did not want to join in with these, he did participate in his exercise/physio sessions.

Frank preferred his own company, even more so when he was diagnosed with the MND, it was so devastating for such an active man.
Chaseley made Franks last few weeks even more enjoyable and helped to organise an electric wheelchair that was custom made for him. He just loved the independence it gave him and we could never thank Chaseley enough for that.

The expertise, care and kindness given is something everyone at Chaseley should be very proud of. As I said before, it was a very short time that Frank was a resident at Chaseley but we all knew he was being looked after.

I am happy to support Chaseley with their project fundraising and cannot wait to be able to visit and see them once they are completed.