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Heringtons Solicitors

Heringtons are a leading East Sussex law firm that provide a wide range of legal help and advice from their five offices along the south coast.  They provide a highly personalised service for local people and businesses, ensuring they remain firmly rooted within the local community.

Heringtons decided that this year’s staff reward scheme was an opportunity not just to benefit their colleagues but also the chance to benefit those we care about.  Richard Fisher, Managing Director tells us that “in addition to the reward earned personally by a staff member that person gets to choose a charity that means something special to them to also share in the rewards on offer.  It has been an uplifting and inspiring endeavour.

Richard continues “Charities’ sources of income are more hard pressed than ever so finding new and imaginative ways to help them earn the money they need to help others is all the more important.  We believe that giving to charity encourages others to do the same and hopefully, anyone reading this might feel the same!

Vulnerable Client Services Executive, Tracey May, has been involved with The Chaseley Trust for a number of years and for the last four has been a Trustee and Chair to the Trust.  In March Tracey won an award and nominated Chaseley to receive a donation of £500 towards their 75th Anniversary Fundraising Appeal.

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Tracey tells us “This year, the charity is celebrating 75 years of supporting people with a £375k fundraising appeal to modernise, update and refresh Chaseley.  As a visitor to the home for many years I have had the privilege of witnessing the dedication, commitment, and hard work of all the staff throughout Chaseley for the benefit of all the residents.  More recently during the last year of living with the Covid-19 pandemic, the staff have had to deal with changing working practices, wearing PPE, giving up annual leave to care for the residents and I have witnessed and heard many accounts of huge compassion. 

During the last few years, I have had the opportunity to meet many residents and review their journeys, with some being able to return home to live independently.  The team make a huge difference to so many and I can only describe Chaseley as a very special place.  Therefore, it was for all these reasons I was delighted to have the opportunity to nominate The Chaseley Trust to receive Heringtons Solicitors £500 donation towards their 75th Anniversary Appeal.  I think it is a perfect farewell gift following my retirement from the Board of Trustees at the end of this month and I look forward to hearing of more successful resident outcomes in the years to come.”