Eastbourne College Student Stories

Eastbourne College Students

Izehi Ebhohimen

Corresponding with the residents at Chaseley has been enjoyable and enriching. The people at Chaseley are really nice and I think it has been fun talking to them and getting to know them. I feel like our remote communication has allowed me to get to know the residents more and I know that if we did get to meet them physically it would be fantastic. Over the past month, we were able to talk about what we love most about Christmas and it has been a great experience to talk to them about celebrations and things we love. Overall, I think that interacting with the residents at Chaseley is something that I will remember for a long time.

Karina Matei

Working with Chaseley Trust has been an amazing experience for all of us at Eastbourne College. Meeting the residents has been wonderful. They have shared so many stories with us and we have built a great connection with them. Developing a relationship remotely via online meetings seemed difficult at first, but it turned out to be the most enjoyable activity of the week for me. I found writing letters to them, as well as having Zoom calls, so lovely. Simply talking about things like our day, our favorite books and films, our holiday plans, and the music we like, is something so amazing to do with the residents. Thank you, residents, for such a wonderful time – we’re all looking forward to seeing you soon! And thank you, Teresa and Scott, for helping us run it and for supporting us!  Happy 75th Anniversary, Chaseley Trust!

Will Neal

It has been wonderful to be able to talk to some residents at Chaseley, and although it was virtual, the conversations we had with them and the connections we made were very special. It was incredible to hear all of the residents’ stories and what their interests are, although I am still disappointed that Jamie supports Charlton Athletic instead of Manchester United. It is obvious that the residents are happy at Chaseley, as they have so much to talk about regarding the activities there and they all have big smiles on their faces when they do so.

Hannah Woodall

Over the last few months I have thoroughly enjoyed my time participating in our weekly zoom calls and have found it an enriching experience getting to know the range of residents at Chaseley. I feel as though our group at Eastbourne College has grown in both spirit and kindness as we all frequently look forward to the calls. Jamie is a frequent resident we speak to and we have all loved getting to hear about his future prospects and how excited he is to move closer to his sister. I have really enjoyed this experience  and look forward to the time when we can meet the residents and properly interact and engage better.