Resident Story - Malcolm Jefferies

Malcolm Jefferies

Malcolm met with Nick at Brilliant Businesses and shared with him “I’ve been a resident here at Chaseley for nearly eleven years, I was a heating and ventilation fitter when I fell through a floor after slipping, I knocked myself out and was unconscious and am now paralysed on my right hand-side.

The people here are alright; especially Trina, it’s like being back at school really. On Mondays I like to do art, I like to paint and draw the scenery outside, we do a whole variety of stuff – sometimes we have lunch out, we go to the beach, have coffee out, look around Meads village, go to garden centres and I love going to the theatre! We have two different exercises every day, I take part in most of them, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, we’ve got woodwork today and I enjoy that, I’ve made some chairs and a shelve that I store my CDs on.

Everyone here are like an extended family for me.