Resident Story - Lian McLusky

Lian McLusky

In 2005, Lian collapsed in a street in London with what she describes as an awful headache. Her partner Barry called an ambulance and she was taken to the hospital where she worked in the out-patient department.  She was found to have four brain aneurysms, three of which were successfully treated, but the fourth one burst, causing her to be unable to walk.

Lian then spent the next four years moving between different care homes in London, many of which she described as having “terrible conditions”.  Eventually, she found her way to Chaseley Trust and has now been a resident here for 11 years.  Prior to Covid-19, Barry, a retired builder based in London, visited Lian on the weekends and stayed with her in her room.   Lian says “my room here at Chaseley is beautiful, I am so lucky and I even have my budgie Mollie with me, she is lovely company”.

Barry has also been known to undertake volunteer work for Chaseley, meaning they could spend more time together.  Staff and residents describe them as a beautiful couple and fellow resident Mark tells us “he is her world” and she always looks forward to his visits when they would enjoy trips out shopping, having dinner together and visiting local sites.  Throughout lockdown Lian has been unable to have Barry stay at Chaseley but they continue to speak regularly and make plans for when the restrictions are lifted.

Lian tells us that her biggest challenge is that she “can’t walk, I hate that I can’t walk” but the team at Chaseley are able to support with rehabilitative care and help her to transfer to and from her electric wheelchair.  When she first arrived at Chaseley, Lian said that the scariest thing was learning to use her wheelchair and she even recalls resisting it at first.  But with help from the Chaseley staff team and Barry, she learnt and now she gets around quickly and easily, it is such an amazing increase to her independence and control.

Lian really loves the Chaseley Trust and likes to participate in most of the activities available.  She also thoroughly enjoys spending time chatting with other residents and staff in the CasBar.  She tells us “The staff are all very nice and the activities are good, they always have something going on”.  Her husband used to call her “the best cook in the world” and now she often enjoys doing the cooking activities as well as artwork, especially painting.  In fact, Lian has sold a couple of her pieces at fundraising auctions over the years.

Lian treasures the sense of community that Chaseley provides and she shares with us that overall, Chaseley has been life changing for her, helping her to live her best life and providing her with the care and community she needs. She loves it here and would not go anywhere else.