Resident Story - Jason Osborne

Jason Osborne

Jason Osborne had joined the Royal Navy when he was 14 years old. In 2002 he was serving on the 11th HMS Gloucester during the Iraq War and aged just 37 when the car he was driving skidded on ice and crashed, changing his life forever.

Jason sustained a severe brain injury that left him with multiple physical injuries, visual impairment, speech and language problems, alongside some challenging behaviours, resulting in a need for a high dependency on others for all aspects of his care.

For 14 years Jason moved between multiple care homes until eventually his mother, Ann, frustrated and anxious that her son’s needs were not being met made contact with Chaseley, describing Jason as being “like an orchestra without a conductor” .

Jason was assessed and has subsequently been receiving long term nursing care and rehabilitation here at Chaseley ever since.  During 2019 Jason made dramatic improvements to his behaviours and he believes he is now “calmer” and has an “increased sense of belonging” because he now feels “safe”.

Ann credits this improvement to Jason’s behaviour to the strong leadership in place, the high quality of staff training and the higher ratio of staff attending Jason.  The rapport between Chaseley staff and Jason has developed over time, leading to a greater understanding of Jason’s needs and he feels he has come to know and trust them.

Jason loves music and enjoys sitting in the beautiful gardens at Chaseley, taking in the fresh sea air, the glorious views and communicating with staff about his two favourite subjects: cars and aeroplanes.

Chaseley is enabling Jason to achieve his maximum potential and is being given the best quality of life, in spite of his disabilities.  Knowing that Jason is happier, calmer and being cared for in the way she would care for him, Ann is more relaxed and even enjoys the occasional holiday knowing Jason is in Chaseley’s safe hands.