Resident Story - Alvin Dale

Alvin Dale

Alvin has a neurological disability from an acquired brain injury that affects motivation, planning, social behaviour, and language and speech production.  He had been living at home and was able to walk with the aid of a zimmer frame, but unfortunately at the beginning of 2020 he fell ill and had to return to hospital.

Following his treatment, Alvin moved to Chaseley in April 2020, on a diet of pureed food, unable to walk and having to use a full body hoist to transfer between the bed and wheelchair.

Alvin’s disabilities mean that he has experienced a personality change, has a short attention span and has problems communicating, for instance he speaks and acts in a highly offensive manner and is unable to consider other people’s feelings.  He is 46 and requires one to one care to support his physical and emotional needs as he is often very agitated and sometimes aggressive.  This is as expected with the nature of his injuries, and the added reality of not being able to return home as soon as he would like, nor being able to walk as he previously did.

Within one and half months of being at Chaseley, Alvin independently progressed onto a normal diet, where he was able to start to feed himself.  Additionally, he has also now started to move with some support from staff to help him maintain his balance.

Nurse Manager Daniela tells us “Alvin has made such huge progress and it is wonderful to see.  To think just nine months ago he was bed/chair bound and now he can walk to the toilet and back by himself, tie his own shoelaces and is even able to undertake elements of his own personal care.  Alvin has started to join in the daily Activities programme here at Chaseley and he loves to paint.  His communication has come on greatly, especially when chatting about his favourite thing, motorbikes!  It has been a real pleasure to watch Alvin’s progress and to see the positive changes in him”.

Click here to watch a video of Alvin singing and dancing in January 2021

On Wednesday 14th July 2021 Alvin opened up his room to staff and residents to showcase his artwork.

Angela, one of Alvin’s Support Workers shared with us that “Alvin does this every day in his room and it is a great form of exercise and really helps with his hand and eye co-ordination. His progression over the last few months has been absolutely amazing. Alvin really loves to look at shadows and include things to the printed pictures, such as the ‘drift’ to those of cars and motorbikes.”

Everyone at Chaseley wants to congratulate Alvin on his first exhibition.  We think that when you watch the video you will all agree his room looks amazing and naturally we love seeing more footage of him dancing!