Resident Story - Alfie Peak

Alfie Peak

Alfie Peak was just 25 years old when he was brutally beaten in an unprovoked attack on 27th July 2013.  An MRI scan revealed Alfie had suffered a catastrophic brain injury that mirrored those of a shaken baby and left him unable to walk or speak.  At this time Alfie was given just two years to live.

Alfie arrived at Chaseley in 2016, still unable to walk or do things for himself and his speech was very weak.  That said, Alfie had a fighting streak in him that oozed determination and it was this that motivated him to work extremely hard with the Therapies team to try to fulfil his dream of walking unaided and play football with his son.

Alfie then spent three years at Chaseley and in that time he learnt to communicate using an Ipad and an alphabet board.  In addition to this, and probably his biggest achievement was to use a standing frame which enabled him, over time, to take a few small, unaided, steps.

Towards the end of 2019 Alfie’s confidence had grown and he felt strong enough to take the next step in his rehabilitation pathway; a move towards more independent living.  Alfie had found a 2 bedroomed bungalow that his dad could renovate and adapt to suit his needs ready to move into just before Christmas.

Alfie credits his progress to moving into Chaseley, his determination to work hard and the therapies and equipment on offer here. Alfie’s dad Wayne agrees “the rehabilitation and facilities at Chaseley have been good for Alfie’s progress as has the person-centred support he has received”. Wayne highly credits Ruth and Ollie, his two Support Workers at Chaseley who “have tirelessly encouraged and helped Alfie in his independence”, and the staff in Chaseley’s fully accessible and equipped Activate Gym.

Whilst the four individuals who attacked Alfie got between 13 & 14 years in jail in October 2016, Alfie got life for his injuries: He will spend the rest of his life and energy trying to walk completely again and doing the best he can in spite of his disability.