Jodie Cornford - Fundraising Manager

Jodie Cornford

Hi, I am the Fundraising & Marketing Manager here at Chaseley and I joined the team in April 2020, right when the first Covid-19 pandemic lockdown was initiated.  It was an unusual time to start a new role and my first few months were quite different from what I had envisaged just two months prior when I accepted the role.  That said, the team at Chaseley were all very welcoming and supportive, making me feel at home almost immediately.

I have been working in Fundraising for 10 years now and I really enjoy the variety that the role offers; from planning and delivering events, to sharing resident stories, meeting our supporters, and applying to various Trust and Foundations for grants to help us continue to deliver the services we offer here at Chaseley and also to help maintain our beautiful building.

I am a determined planner, so this really helps me to schedule my workload and ensure I have ‘crossed the t’s and dotted the I’s’, but I also really enjoy meeting people and sharing tales.  I have loved being able to work with some of our residents to help them share their stories alongside some of our supporters.  It is always interesting, and important, to understand why people support charities and ensure that their generosity is acknowledged and appreciated.

I feel privileged to be able to work with such a great team of colleagues, residents, and supporters of Chaseley, helping to ensure that Chaseley can continue to operate and that the home the residents live in is to the standard they deserve.  Raising money can be a hard task at times, but it is always made easier by those delivering the front-line services – it is their dedication, hard work, empathy, and caring nature that I showcase and that ultimately encourages supporters to donate to Chaseley.

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