Virtual Easter Balloon Race

As part of our 75th Anniversary Appeal, we are delighted to have signed up for the Easter Virtual Balloon Race hosted by Eco Racing, along with several other worthy charities.   The race launches at midday on 4th April from Jerusalem Old City and lasts for seven days.

Eco Racing’s virtual balloon race, allows us to fundraise without worrying about the physical restrictions surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. The wholly web–based system uses real time weather data, is climate change positive, creates no litter, nor harm to wildlife or farm animals and it even conforms to the Girl Guides #PLASTICPROMISE.

You can support Chaseley by purchasing a virtual balloon for just £3 and you can even customise it by giving it a name and choosing its colour, shape and pattern.  In addition to this, you can decide on the different features of your balloon, such as the helium content and the thickness of the rubber, which will help to determine its flight performance in order to enhance your chances of winning.

Once launched you can track you balloon via the website to see how far you have travelled and where you are on the leader board.  This really is a safe, fun and easy way to raise funds for Chaseley and it will be loved by kids and adults alike.

Whilst the main Easter Virtual Balloon Race is simply just for fun, we wanted to add a little incentive for our Chaseley supporters, so the winning Team Chaseley balloon will receive a bottle of fizz, a copy of our latest book:  Chaseley celebrating 75 years and a surprise handmade gift from our residents.

For further information and to purchase your balloon click the link: