The Chaseley 100

We have just launched of The Chaseley 100, ready to start in January 2022.

We have 100 numbers that we ‘sell’ for £12 per number for the year.  Each month throughout 2022 we draw one number and that number wins half the pot as it stands and Chaseley keep the other half as a donation.  So, if all 100 numbers are sold, £50 goes to the winner and £50 to Chaseley each month, however if only 20 numbers are currently sold, then £10 goes to the winner and £10 to Chaseley and so forth.

If you would be interested in purchasing a number or two, please email us, so that we can check the availability of your chosen numbers and arrange payment for you.

This is also a great gift to buy someone for Christmas and we have small gift vouchers that we can send to you via email so that you can pass these on to the recipient.

The picture above shows the current available squares.