Shaun completes Brighton Half Marathon in memory of his mum Gillian

We want to share our appreciation for Shaun, who recently completed the Brighton Half Marathon and raised an amazing £580 for Chaseley.

Shaun decided to enter the race back in 2020 in honour of his mum Gillian, who was a former resident at Chaseley and sadly passed away just over three years ago.   Unfortunately,  due to Covid-19 the Half Marathon was delayed, but Shaun was finally able to undertake his challenge on 27th February this year and we are all so pleased for him and delighted that the weather was on his side.

From all of us here Shaun, we want to send you the biggest Chaseley thank you for your support and for raising these funds in memory of your mum, Gillian.  To quote one of the team, “you sir, are a bloody legend!”