Fundraising Appeal launched for a Sensory Room at Chaseley

Our aim in 2020 was to create a sensory room for residents here at Chaseley, however, due to Coronavirus we saw all our fundraising events cancelled and so the plans were put on hold.

As we enter the second-wave there is potential for our residents to experience an increase in stress and anxiety levels, and having a sensory room with specialised equipment, beanbags on the floor, interactive stimuli such as lights and music would be very therapeutic and offer our residents another way to relax.

The sensory room will help to further develop our residents functional performances as part of their care program, enabling them to improve their independence using multi-sensory inputs to explore and positively challenge their abilities.

The needs of our residents vary tremendously, depending on the exact nature & severity of their individual injury. Neurological disabilities can be very debilitating & have extensive implications on a person’s life & individual identity, affecting physical ability, memory, learning, self-awareness & overall functioning. Motor coordination, lack of flexibility & balance deficits, headaches, vision loss, speech impairment & sensory changes are some of the complex disabilities that our residents need support with.

Some key benefits include:

  • Enhancing an individual’s feelings of comfort and well-being
  • Relieving stress and pain
  • Increasing attention to their surroundings
  • Improving communication and memory
  • Creating positive mood and behavioural changes

If you feel you could support Chaseley at this time and donate towards our Sensory Room appeal then please click the link below.