Enriching the lives of Chaseley resident’s

The residents at Chaseley all have a complex neurological disability or condition, which impacts on the quality of their daily lives.  Most come to live at Chaseley for a period of time as part of their rehabilitation journey, however for some, Chaseley is their forever home and the staff, volunteers and other residents become their extended family.

The Chaseley Trust is an independent charity and the majority of residents’ care fees are funded through various commissioning bodies, however there is then, just 5% surplus to fund all their additional costs, which includes all the social and recreational activities they provide. These services are delivered daily, seven days a week and they help to increase the physical and mental well-being of the residents.

In monetary terms Chaseley needs to raise £107, 000 per year to fund the Well-Being & Activities department.

The Well-Being & Activities Team work with the residents to deliver an array of daily activities that they not only enjoy, but also help with their rehabilitation and motor skills.  Some of their favourite activities include woodwork, art, gardening, cooking, poetry, bingo, quizzes and photography club.  In addition the team organise weekly trips out to enjoy some coffee and cake, sip a beer whilst watching a band or show, as well as visiting local places of interest.  Chaseley also schedule regular themed days and invite entertainers to come in and sing to the residents, bring along their petting animals or put on a display and give a talk to them.

Everyone that supports Chaseley by raising funds for the Well-Being & Activities department are helping to enrich the lives of their residents every single day.