David Monaghan - Activate Gym Instructor

David Monaghan

Hi, i’m David and I worked at Chaseley for 24 years, 25 in August.  Initially I started work as a carer, later becoming a Physio Assistant and then finally in 2011 I progressed into my current role as a Gym Instructor within Chaseley’s Activate Gym.

At Activate we are providing the local community with a safe public gym for people with disabilities in order to access a wide range of adapted equipment especially designed to meet their needs.

Each member receives an induction from me which includes setting up a programme of exercise tailored to their own specific exercise requirements and I can assist with setting up on the equipment if required or they are also welcome to bring an assistant or family member to help them if they prefer.

I enjoy working with the diverse clientele that my position involves and I feel privileged to meet so many interesting people that involve me in helping them achieve their goals of improving their quality of life.

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