David Farrell - Senior Support Worker

David Farrell

Hi, my name’s David and I have been at Chaseley for just over 5 years now.  I started as a Support Worker and after about 2 years, I was promoted to Senior Support Worker, and was located on our rehab floor – this is where we help to prepare residents for their transition to leave Chaseley.

I love my job, my colleagues, the residents and it is great to be part of a large team who all support each other.  I have worked on all the floors here at Chaseley and even helped in other departments when needed, which is good as it helps me understand how different teams work and also increases my experience and knowledge.

I have learning difficulties, however that does not stop me doing what I do and I am lucky enough to have supportive colleagues, and I have found Chaseley to be a diverse organisation that embraces difference and offers equal opportunities to all.

No two days are the same in my job, which makes every day interesting, and whilst it can be hard work and a challenge, it is also achievable, interesting and rewarding.  I really enjoy helping our residents to reach their goals and seeing their individual progression – that is what really drives me within my role and makes my job the best in the world.

There are also some great additional benefits for working at Chaseley – flexible hours, subsidised meals, uniforms, free drinks, healthcare, as well as access to learning and training, including the opportunity to participate in the Access to Nursing pathway.