Daniela Dan - Quality & Clinical Nurse Manager

Daniela Dan

Hi, my name is Daniela and I started working at The Chaseley Trust on 2nd July 2016 as a Student Professional Nurse and at that time, I was waiting for my PIN number to be able to start my career as a Registered Nurse (RN) in the UK.  Within a month I had received my PIN number and started my role as an RN.

Initially I saw this as a huge challenge for me because not only had I never worked in the UK as a nurse, but also, I had not worked with people with such complex disabilities before.

After my first year working as an RN, I was given the opportunity to apply for a Senior Nurse position, which was a great opportunity to further develop and build upon on my nursing career and it was also a great compliment to myself, that Chaseley trusted me to undertake this role.  Then, after a year of being a Senior Nurse I was promoted once more to become a Nurse Manager, and now I am the Quality & Clinical Nurse Manager, which I really enjoy.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had a lot of support from my colleagues and the Management team to ensure that I work at NMC standards and provide the best quality of care for our residents.  I like working at Chaseley because every day we have different provocations to work with, but we have a great team approach to the work we do and I love working and caring for our residents, it is amazing to see residents achieve their goals.

I also feel very privileged to work with so many internal and external professionals who all help the whole team at Chaseley to deliver care to ensure our residents have the best quality of life.

I think this environment has been perfect for me in my career path as I am a person that reacts well when under pressure and I am reactive to individuals needs and want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve their own goals in life, whether this is a colleague who wants to become a nurse, or a resident who wants to be able to walk unaided.