Chaseley named The Most Innovative Nursing Home

In February 2022 Chaseley were named the The Most innovative Nursing Home Charity in Sussex at GHP’s annual awards.

GHP’s Awards aim to recognise the enormous contributions of global organisations and professionals who have provided the best possible care and support within the social care sector, particularly during the incredibly challenging Covid-19 pandemic.  Their awards are highly revered because the awards are based on best industry practice, innovation, leadership, adaptability and overall performance. Nominees must be able to demonstrate their work matches GHP’s awards criteria and show they have gone above and beyond their duties to deliver excellence in a social care setting.

GHP believe that to be nominated for one of their awards is a huge honour.  Being recognised for your dedication and talent, praised for your achievements and outstanding accomplishments all based 100% on merit and no judgement is made based on the length of service, the number of employees or the size of the company.

Our CEO Emma shares with us “On behalf of the whole team at Chaseley, we are so proud to have won this award. We are particularly honoured because we know that every other Care Home in the running put forward its best game. Coming up with innovative ways to ensure the best possible care for our residents has had its challenges, especially during the pandemic and our whole team require a certain amount of dedication, which isn’t always easy to find.  However, we do what we do every day because we love it. So receiving this award is a great pleasure for us because it’s an award for doing what we love.”

Residents were very excited by the award and quick to congratulate the team, Lian shared “It’s great isn’t it?  They are all wonderful”, and Mark tells us “Of course they won, they are the best”.